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Professional recordings for your compositions

Are you looking for an epic taiko performance, grooving percussion, or to add mystical special effects to your compositions?

At Planet Ton Studios, I can offer you an authentic performance, on real instruments, recorded in a professional studio.

Whether you need a variety of drums, percussion, mallets, or effect instruments, look no further.


For each recording, I primarily use the following microphones:

  • AKG D12 (vintage)
  • AKG D 112 MKII
  • AKG C414-XLS Stereo-Set
  • AKG C519 M
  • Audix D6
  • Beyerdynamic M201 TG
  • RØDE K2 Stereo-Set
  • RØDE NT5 Stereo-Set
  • Schoeps CMC-64 Stereo-Set
Mikrofoniertes Drumset für eine Studioaufnahme in den Planet Ton Studios
  • Sennheiser E 602 II
  • Sennheiser E 604 
  • Sennheiser E 906
  • Sennheiser MD 421-2
  • Sennheiser MD 441
  • Shure SM 57
  • Shure SM 7B
  • Shure Beta 52A
  • Shure Beta 91A


  • Daniel Brenner
  • Fabian Weisenberger
  • Elisabeth Fessler

Feedback from clients

Thomas is one of my top choices when it comes to recording drums and percussion for my film music projects. He can provide virtually any unusual instrument, from taikos to cuícas, in his studio. Additionally, as a professional orchestral percussionist and percussion multi-instrumentalist, he is capable of masterfully playing each of these instruments, capturing every nuance of the composed part, and even offering his own creative input. And as if that weren't enough, he possesses the audio engineering expertise to record his performance independently and deliver perfectly processed recordings. I don't believe there is anyone else in Germany with such a range of abilities.


Alex Komlew

Composer, Producer, and Songwriter for Film, Television, and the Music Industry

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A glimpse of Planet Ton Studios

The Planet Ton Studios in Altenstadt / Schongau

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