Professional drum lessons from beginner to advanced

I offer in-person and online lessons in:

  • Drums 
    (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Latin, etc.)
  • Classical Percussion
    (Snare Drum, orchestral cymbals, timpani, orchestral percussion, etc.)
  • Mallet Instruments 
    (Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Marimba)
  • Latin Percussion 
    (Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Darbuka, Shaker, etc.)
  • Marching Percussion (Drumline/Drumcorps)
    (Snare, Tenors, Bass drum, Cymbals)
  • Taiko - Drumming
    (Uchiwa-Daiko, Shime-Daiko, Miya-Daiko, Okedo-Daiko, O-Daiko)

... and I would be happy to prepare you for the following exams:

  • Junior badge (MON, ASM)
  • Performance badge D1 Bronze (MON, ASM)
  • Performance badge D2 Silver (MON, ASM)
  • Performance badge D3 Gold (MON, ASM)
  • Voluntary Performance Exams (Junior, D1, D2, D3) VBSM
  • Additional Exams: auditions and “Abitur” exams 
  • Entrance exams for vocational schools and universities


For our lessons, I offer a variety of professional equipment from Meinl, Tama, Adams, Studio49, Pearl, and Kolberg. Additionally, we have the ability to play along with backing tracks, either through the sound system or headphones. Rehearsal spaces in Höhen-kirchen and Schongau are equipped with the following instruments, already set up to play:

  • Drum Sets (Tama, Pearl)
  • Timpani  (Set of 4, Adams)
  • Snare drums
  • Bass drums (Adams)
  • Var. orchestral percussion instruments
  • Orchestral Cymbals (Meinl)
  • Congas, Bongos, Timbales
  • var. small percussion instruments (Meinl)
  • Glockenspiel (Adams)
  • Xylophone (Adams)
  • Vibraphone (Adams)
  • A-Marimba (Adams, Studio49)

Here's what my students say about our lessons:

Lessons with Thomas were highly professional and always enjoyable. I not only learned the drum set but also mallet instruments, timpani, and percussion. Thanks to his expertise and continuous support, I earned the Music Performance Badge D3 (Gold) with a score of 1.0 and scored 15 points on both my additional instrument audition (‘Additum’) and A-level (‘Abitur’) audition.


Paul Steinborn

Drummer for the Blaskapelle Höhenkirchen - Siegertsbrunn e.V.

I had excellent lessons with Thomas in preparation for my entrance exam at the Professional School of Music in Krumbach. He was able to show me very valuable tips and playing techniques, enabling me to master various genres, especially Latin, perfectly. Thomas was always very friendly, in good spirits, and extremely attentive to my wishes and needs, which I find very important in music lessons. It's worth mentioning that thanks to Thomas, I passed the entrance exam and subsequently successfully completed my film composition studies at the Zurich University of the Arts. Thank you, Thomas, for your help!


Leo Brennauer

Composer, songwriter, and musician

Thanks to his extensive experience and mix of proven and innovative methods, Thomas's lessons always address my current issues and allow for new directions. Whether I needed to quickly relearn playing four-mallet technique on the marimba for my additional instrument audition (‘Additum’) – which I completed with 15 points – create a percussion setup for a specific piece, or play drums and percussion as musically as possible in a big band, Thomas always had multiple suggestions and approaches to help me reach my goals.


Felix Ruhland

Drummer for the Stadtkapelle Schongau e.V. / Brass Boyz


From drum set to timpani and mallet instruments, you can rely on Thomas's knowledge to continually learn new instruments and techniques. The fun and motivation to learn something new is ever present. Thanks to Thomas’s lessons, I was excellently prepared for the entrance exam at the Professional School of Music in Krumbach. Even today, I regularly consult Thomas's expertise during rehearsals and workshops to be well-prepared for concerts.


Matthias Waldner

Percussion section leader of the Knappschaftskapelle Peiting e.V. / Drummer for "Rigoros"

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Offering lessons in drums, percussion, orchestral percussion and mallets in…


Private lessons in Schongau take place in the rehearsal rooms belonging to Stadtkapelle Schongau e.V.

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Drum lessons in Höhenkirchen - Siegerts-brunn take place in the rehearsal rooms belonging to Blaskapelle Höhenkirchen e.V.


Lessons in Munich take place in my rehearsal space at Friedrich-von-Pauli-Straße 21.

It is also possible to book a one-hour lesson at all three locations.

For all interested students, contact me via the form below:

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